5 Most Common Mistakes When
                                        Buying Solar | Don't
                                        fall into these tricks.

5 Most Common Mistakes When Buying Solar | Don't fall into these tricks.

The energy cost has been increasing over the years because of the increased use of energy in industry.

In the end, many industries are opting to take advantage of the energy generated by Solar.

Are you considering solarizing your commercial premises but unsure how to get started?

Insufficient research and understanding of the solar company

As of today,the market is flooded with companies that sell Solar Solutions, but how do you determine which one is superior?

We provide a three-point checklist that you can use to follow.

  • Find out how long the company has been in the solar industry - Typically, many companies start in this field; however, only a handful remain in the long-term and produce the expected quality. Therefore, examining the company's background is crucial for selecting the right Solar Partner.
  • Are all related areas, like design and planning, execution and construction, completed in-house? Another important question you should ask the company you wish to work with is whether all fields of Solar solutions are in-house or outsourced. The ability to bring all the necessary expertise within the company is an advantage for you.
  • Find past projects. Please closely examine the previous projects and ask questions to the team to learn more about their knowledge of your solar needs. You don't want a weaker team handling the execution of your project.

What Happens After Solar Panel Installation

What happens after solar panel installation

The most frequently asked question is what happens when the project is finished.

What happens to the service after sales?

What kind of support can I expect?

Suppose you're not posing these questions when considering the options for building your Solar Project. In that case, you are making a major mistake.

Support for service and after-sales services is a service that has to receive a great deal of attention. In addition to installing a top-quality solar panel, it's also essential to ensure it's in good condition to produce the power required.

It is essential to verify that the solar company provides top-quality after-sales service. They should be ready to help you after the purchase and installation. To be as efficient as possible, you should always be aware of a few things.

The solar company has to be ready for this to occur. It is important to remember that the investment in solar panels is a long-term decision that can last for more than 25 years.

You find out that the after-sales service is not part of the low-cost services.

Be sure that the company you choose provides top-quality and efficient after-sales support. They should be available to assist you whenever you require clarifications or maintenance. It will provide you with the most important thing you need: peace of mind.

Low Pricing is Not Equal to a Better Products

Low Pricing is Not Equal to a Better Products

The old saying goes that you get what you pay for. This is true for the majority of items on the market in which the price is an excellent indication of quality. But what happens if two products are of equal quality, and one is priced more than the other? In today's market, businesses must understand that pricing at a lower price might not always mean you get the most effective product.

The quality of solar panels is not made in the same way. Poorly designed panels can drastically impact the performance and durability of the solar system. Who would purchase a high-priced product when another manufacturer can offer the same quality at significantly less? Some companies believe they can boost sales by launching cheaper merchandise. Still, this tactic has proven to be a flop and could even turn off prospective buyers.

So the question to be asked is"

Do we have to chase prices mindlessly? Or give equal importance to other aspects too.

Do not fall into the trap of low prices and poor quality, as this could be a common error when working with a solar firm.

The problem is that our pricing is higher than the other competitors. But our company's main focus and mission is to offer solar energy products that meet high standards by ensuring our quality and assurance during the manufacturing process for solar panels. We can ensure that our solar panels can be used in any weather.

Quality Assurance & Workmanship

Indian weather is extremely unpredictable for electrical devices.

The initial cost could be costly for solar panels, which isn't a recurring investment.

Because of this, you must make sure that your system continues to function efficiently for a long period.

Most businesses offer ten year of performance guarantee.

During this period, the solar panel is exposed to over 100,000 hours of sunlight, rain, wind, and hail.

The panels of poor quality will not stand up to these temperatures for long.

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is not checking the quality and work of the solar partner and giving a huge weightage to the price part.

It is important not to overlook one vital factor, which is paying attention to the smallest details.

Do solar companies pay attention to small and more precise details to ensure that the product you receive is perfect?

Here at Arise Solar Solar, we are committed to providing our customers with top-quality solar power products that withstand the most severe climate conditions and continue providing unbeatable power output for the next generation.

Shallow Focus on The Warranty Information

As we discussed in our previous paragraphs, installing a solar Solution for your company and corporate is a step that you will make for a long time.

Thus, paying for the warranty information a prospective solar company offers is important.

A solid product warranty will ensure that your Solar products are safe from damage, and the company that installs them assures that repairs are completed promptly.

At Arise Solar , the solar panels we sell are protected by a 25-year warranty on linearity.

At Arise Solar

You can get the most effective quotes only by asking appropriate questions. You are responsible for getting the most effective quotes by asking the right questions. The power of knowledge is in this situation.

If you're a professional, there is no way anyone can charge you more than necessary for solar installations. Additionally, this is helpful if you require information about warranties, maintenance, or installation charges. Internet access is completely free, so why not take time to clarify your questions before investing?

Various websites and forums are specifically devoted to solar installations and maintenance. Utilize these resources to build your knowledge and become an expert in getting better estimates.

Here are some of the questions you should inquire about your solar provider's services:

How many solar systems have you put in place to date?

Years of experience may not necessarily translate into knowledge. A company that has put in only 10 or 20 systems over five years shows that solar buyers do not trust them.

Is the company certified by the Clean Energy Council?

The companies with this certification are skilled in installing high-quality solar panels for customers.

Do you subcontract work to a third party? If yes, how do you ensure the work is of high quality?

In general, contracts that subcontract work might not be able to deliver quality work because of an indirect method. This is to cut down on time and cost on the part of the contract. However, some firms make sure that all quality-check procedures have been implemented.

Cost may not always be the best option.

Cost may not always be the best option

Some companies put on their brand name and increase the prices of their products. This can be seen in the solar industry too. However, this isn't the case if you think that expensive products are always superior. Yes, in most instances, lower-cost products aren't of the highest quality. However, this is true for expensive panels.

As a consumer, price shouldn't be your sole reason for buying a product. Before you purchase, there are a few things you must consider:

Solar Panel Material:

If you have the option, consider choosing crystalline silicon material-based panels. They are used extensively for solar cells. The material has a life span of 25 years, which is perfect for solar power generation.

Solar Efficiency:

Another aspect to consider when considering Solar is to evaluate its efficiency. If it has an efficiency greater than 90 percent, it's worth it.


This is not a surprise since the warranty is crucial to your device. A longer warranty timeframe will guarantee that an established manufacturer makes the panel. Most solar panels, as described above, are covered by the standard warranty.


Our goal at Arise Solar is to help customers across all industries with their power requirements. Our solar panels have proved themselves over the past few years, increasing return on investment and ensuring that solar output is higher than what our customers expect.

We have the most advanced and trusted solar technology, as proven by the many national and international organizations accredited, certified, and endorsed by the company and its products.

As demonstrated by our performance and project execution track record, delivering the best customer experience is a matter of being an integrated partner that spans the entire chain of engineering, design production, supply installation, and commissioning.

We guarantee high-quality and consistent standards throughout the manufacturing of our solar panels. This allows us to make high-quality solar power products. But don't overlook the finer points. Follow the tips given above to avoid making poor buying decisions.

Don't fall for marketing gimmicks, and remain alert. Be sure to ask the appropriate questions and make use of the internet to aid you in finding the top solar-powered service provider.

Are you ready to invest in the future of solar power and energy? Are you ready to invest in the future of premises?